Training Videos

Dear Clients:

I’ve been training my body for over 30 years. For the first time in a long time, I really started to see changes in my body after using kettle bells. My core got stronger, my flexibility and endurance increased and I lost inches off my stubborn areas. My muscles became more toned and I was losing fat everywhere!  Please take this opportunity to invest in my kettle bell series. I know you will see a difference in your body in just 4 short weeks!

 – Betsy

Kettle Bell Instructional Video and 4-Week Training Plan
Kettle Bell Instructional Video Two: Circuit Training for Individual Body Parts and Advanced Total Body Conditioning
Kettle Bell Circuit Training: 2-Video Package

Before I met Betsy, I thought that I would never find the motivation or time to eat healthy and exercise. Betsy, however, designs plans that work for me. She chose foods that I like, and I have discovered that I actually do like foods that are good for me. She gives me exercise plans that can be done with no expense. She checks in on me a couple of times each week and constantly encourages me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lost 27 pounds in 6 months, and I have no desire to go back. I love my new life and the energy that healthy living has given me! I recommend her nutrition and training programs to people every week.

-Kellie Wilson