Training Videos

Dear Clients:

I’ve been training my body for over 30 years. For the first time in a long time, I really started to see changes in my body after using kettle bells. My core got stronger, my flexibility and endurance increased and I lost inches off my stubborn areas. My muscles became more toned and I was losing fat everywhere!  Please take this opportunity to invest in my kettle bell series. I know you will see a difference in your body in just 4 short weeks!

 – Betsy

Kettle Bell Instructional Video and 4-Week Training Plan
Kettle Bell Instructional Video Two: Circuit Training for Individual Body Parts and Advanced Total Body Conditioning
Kettle Bell Circuit Training: 2-Video Package

Betsy has been inspirational, motivating, creative and tough – not only succeeding in helping me to focus but stay focused. When I met Betsy she was able to read beneath the surface and recognize that I needed cheerleading and support just to believe I could truly succeed with my personal fitness. Not only did just I want to lose the extra weight I had accumulated over the years but I wanted to look in a mirror and feel good, go shopping and enjoy it and get dressed in the morning and be ready for the day.

Since I met Betsy 6 months I have accomplished things I never thought possible. I could not run 2 feet and now I have run a 10K with 10 minute miles. I was overweight and a size 14 and now I am really fit and a size 8. I am super excited to develop my body and build my strength long term. Betsy keeps me so challenged and interested. And when I slack off she holds me accountable. Betsy has an exceptional amount of energy and is truly inspiring. She knows her stuff, especially how to work with women and our bodies. Betsy is knowledgeable and professional and the best part is she is so fun to spend an hour of my day with.

~ Kim Fernhard