The End of Summer BURN


Summer Fresh Grilling and Fat Burning Interval Training Online Program

6-week summer training special

Featuring grilled fresh veggies for dinner!


Summer fruits and veggies are incorporated in the meal plan

Sign up by July 17

Start date is July 20

$100 $50
very special pricing (half off) for this summer challenge!

I have been doing a training program online with Ifbb Pro Betsy McNally and she is awesome! I have known her since grade school and she has been a gymnast practically since birth (lol). But since then she became a certified sports nutritionist and a certified personal trainer. She is also a professional fitness competitor. Anyhow – I have been working with her for about 5 weeks and I have lost over 10 pounds and 2 jean sizes. (A blessing and a curse at over $130 a pair ) But I am loving her meal plans and her training schedules. She changes them every week so I don’t get bored or used to the program. You should check her out online Luv ya girl!
– Denise Hodge