Betsy is amazing at working the girl’s weak areas and keeping them strong through injury, but what she has given Ash as her coach and now as her trainer that I feel is even more valuable is support and encouragement. I think any athlete has to train the body and the mind and I am very grateful to Betsy for her work with Ash in both of these areas! – Jennifer Willcut

Betsy is amazing. Megan started with the 9 week program with the clean eating then moved to the training program. We have seen tremendous improvement in strength and speed. I work at the gym we currently attend so we go into the gym 30-45 minutes before practice to get the training in or we have set up a workout area in our basement that we can use just depends on the workout. We improvise if needed. For example we didn’t have a kettle weight so we filled a milk jug if she does it at home. Megan loves the variety of the workouts and there is always a video to show how the exercise is to be completed. This is a great asset to the program. Megan used to have some knee pain occasionally but since being on Betsy training program she has been injury free! Betsy really understands what a gymnast needs and the variety to make the muscles work for gymnastics. Megan is very tiny. She is 12 and weighs 75-80lbs. She competed level 8 last season and is working on level 9. She had usually struggled with tumbling height and speed but since on the program she has all her skills for floor with the exception of 1 for level 9. I would highly recommend Betsy’s program. Megan would not be where she is without it. I played volleyball in college and coached high school volleyball previously so I knew about the importance of strength training but not in the way a gymnast needs it. Betsy has helped Megan get the next level. We plan on staying with her program for the duration of Megan’s gymnastics career. We have been doing the program for almost a year.

Lori H

Living in a small “southern” town, I was a little apprehensive on how our parents would respond to the importance of nutrition for their athletes. Betsy’s presentation was perfect. She is so down to earth and related to our parents and the struggles we all have. She showed the importance of proper nutrition in a very informative way that both our parents and athletes could understand. She is a jewel and an asset to any program she is apart of. 


As a coach and gym owner, Betsy is wonderful to work with. She is there to answer any questions you may have. Her boot camp was amazing. Betsy’s “out of the box” conditioning targets many muscle groups, we as coaches neglect. She was there to explain to both coaches and athletes the muscle groups that each exercise is focusing on and also how we use those muscle groups in our gymnastics. Her passion for what she does is contagious and she is an asset for any gym!


Mandie Stevens


Pinnacle Gymnastics, Arkansas

Working with Coach Betsy and her Meal Plans for Gymnasts is impacting my two daughters and their progression in the sport faster and better than I anticipated.  Their gym coaches have said for years that they needed to eat more…they have crazy fast metabolisms and were not building the lean muscle they need to gain the strength necessary for high level skills. Learning about the specific nutritional needs for gymnasts and implementing her meal plans for our girls has helped us find a wider variety of foods they enjoy eating and understand the importance of eating 5 meals (not snacks) a day.  Their muscle development, improved focus and concentration in the gym, and their overall confidence as athletes really shows after just four months of following Betsy’s program.  We are thrilled that we found Coach Betsy! Even though the first few weeks were incredibly challenging in terms of changing our approach to food prep and cooking, the difference they have experienced since then is immeasurable!

Thank you so very much!

Lisa M., mom to Kaity & Allie

I joined Betsy’s group training almost 2 years ago. I’ve always been competitive, I’ve always been in pretty good shape, but after kids, work and life, my 30’s didn’t give way to the best nutrition, which led to a body that I was no longer happy with. From day 1, I knew that Betsy would be a game changer for me. Her motivation, her sincere care that she has for each client is well above any trainer that I’ve been or even have heard of. My body is changing in ways that I just didn’t think were possible. My goal is to be healthier and to look better in my 40’s than I did in my 30’s. I can honestly say with Betsy’s help I’m on my way. I’ve been through rigorous conditioning and hours of training in the past, fad diets…the list goes on…but I’ve truly found that Betsy has the right combination of nutrition, cardio, strength and overall genuine care for clients. I’ve got that drive back that I was missing…and Betsy has been instrumental in helping me find that spark! Thank you Betsy for being AWESOME – Alisha Burns


On the 12th day of Christmas Betsy McNally Laouar Fitness Pro gave to me a new lease on life. I’m not a gymnast or athlete like most of Betsy’s clients rather I am a mom and grandma and work full time plus. This leaves little time for me, or so I thought. Betsy has made me realize I am not being selfish by taking time to work out rather I am making myself better for me and my family. Betsy has been there to support me at my low points, motivate me when she sees I am dragging and the first one to celebrate the successes. She has a passion for what she does and it is very evident in all she does. She has can take a class of 8 women all at different fitness levels and they all leave feeling the Betsy burn. That’s talent. Betsy is a true blessing in my life. Thank you Betsy for all you do. – Tammy Rider