Regional Bootcamp Q & A

Who can attend?

Any gymnast level 5 and HIGHER

How much is Betsy Bootcamp?

The price of camp is $219 per athlete and $99 per coach

What is included in the camp?

  • 2 day intensive fitness, bootcamp and training with gymnastics rotations as well. 
  • 2 day nutrition seminars, food tasting/snacks and ideas for meal planning
  • Mental toughness and positive body image lessons

You will receive a Camp Bracelet and snacks each day and leave with FREE nutrition and fitness tips and education. 

How long and how many days is the camp?

The camp is two days, 6-6.5  hours in length each day

Will I need to book a hotel?

Yes, and or a flight, Information is at the bottom

Are meals included?

A snack will be given each day. Athletes should come to camp after eating their own lunch, They should bring water.

Can parents attend nutrition seminars?

Yes, and are encouraged to!

Can coaches attend the camp?

Yes, the price for a coach to attend is $99 for the two day camp

What do I bring to Betsy Bootcamp?

  • Snack
  • Water
  • Leotard/training clothes and grips
  • Cash if you want to buy a book Binges and Balance Beams (Betsy’s best seller!)
  • Food: Please eat lunch each day then you will be served a snack that goes with the nutrition seminar

Camp starts at 1pm each day and finishes at 7-730 pm each day.



Our athletes are stronger, faster, and more agile thanks to Betsy’s training.  Being able to have her in person AND incorporate her monthly training program has been amazing for our team. I highly recommend using BOTH.


Her camp was high energy! Betsy sets the bar high and the athletes strive to reach it.


The nutrition lecture was beneficial for our athletes, coaches, and parents. We especially appreciated how she addressed common misconceptions about what foods are “healthy.”


I reached out to Betsy for my athletes, but Betsy’s boot camp was the wake up call I needed to get out of my rut and take care of myself so that I could continue to take care of my athletes. Betsy saved my life!

Jennifer Ryan

Becca’s Place Gym