Single and Group Training

Gymnastics Conditioning and Flexibility

Why a gymnastics specification? I was a gymnast from the age of 3 to 16, competitive and ultra dedicated. Later in life I became a professional Fitness Competitor in the IFBB, which is a combination of gymnastics and bodybuilding.   I was also a gymnastics coach, most recently under Olympic Coach Mary Lee Tracy. I’ve since combined my knowledge of FITNESS and Gymnastics training into a program for girls to get stronger in their sport.

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One on One Online Training

50 minute sessions dedicated to strengthening the weaknesses of the gymnast.  Whether its flexibility, conditioning or power training, Betsy will help you reach your goals!  The 8-Week Starter program includes both training and a meal plan.


Small Group Training for Girls and Athletes

A fun, fast paced fifty minute training session for female athletes. Builds teamwork, endurance, strength, power and flexibility with each session. Group packages do not include meal plans. Please click here to learn more about individual custom meal plans.  When purchasing group sessions of 2 or more, please update the quantity of your shopping cart to reflect the total number of participants in your group. 

Group Packages

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A year ago, we were an infant gym from Mississippi with dreams of coaching Level 10 athletes.  We spent countless hours training the coaches and restructuring our training program.  The more we “changed” the less skills changed!  The girls were unable to hold body positions long enough to execute higher level skills.  Even the strong kids seemed weak.  I searched the Internet for advice and thankfully found Betsy!!! We immediately contacted her.  Within a few weeks she had a conditioning plan for us and an in house clinic date set. A month into her conditioning program, I could see changes in skills!!! After her nutrition clinic, we could also see physical changes in the girls. They were faster and more powerful.  The girls were happier!  


Tupelo Gymnastics Center has used Betsy’s services for a year now.  ALL of our Gymnasts AND coaches are healthier because of her nutrition training. I have girls who have been in on Team for exactly one year and they are Level 4 gymnasts (no prior Gymnastics experience). Girls are able to hold the correct body shapes so skills are executed more safely and cleaner.   Many of the fears we had before are gone because the girls are stronger and more powerful.  My little ones are getting new skills more quickly because they started when we started using Betsy’s services.   Strength and body control have increased so much that we have several gymnast who are able to hold handstands over one minute!  Results were not only seen in the gym but also on the competition floor.  We had our first gymnast score a 10 on Bars this season!!!!  


Betsy has helped the SPIRIT of our program.  Gymnasts and families are making better nutritional choices.  She has given us lessons that will last a lifetime.  Betsy will forever be a part of the TGC family.

Shawna and Bjorn H.