Gymnast to FIT-NAST in One Year





















This exclusive one year program includes:

  • 12 months of workouts focusing on strength, agility and flexibility
  • One year of monthly meal plans that focus on nutritional balance and clean eating
  • The only program on the market that provides athletes periodization and structure according to the gymnastics season

Are you ready to give your athlete(s) a unique competitive advantage?  This program is a game changer for the world of competitive gymnastics! 

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My name is Maggie Mace I’m a level 10 gymnast at Cincinnati Gymnastics, and I have been training with Betsy twice a week for about a year now and since then I have noticed extreme changes in my gymnastics. When I first started training with Betsy my legs were very weak and slow and Betsy knew that so all she focused on for the first few weeks was improving my strength and quickness, I was very sore and I though it would never work but today I am doing more than I thought I would and I am faster than I thought I could be and I feel great all because of my amazing trainer. – Maggie Mace