Fitness Speaking Engagements

Seminars and Workshops

Need some general or detailed information on nutrition, fitness and training? A one hour session (or more) dedicated to nutritional education, fitness education and motivation.

3-Hour Seminar for your work place

  • Want higher attendance at work?
  • Want healthier and more energized employees?
  • Are you willing to offer your employees a day of education on nutrition, training and healthful living?

The Workshop:

  • 1 hour nutrition presentation with question and answer
  • 1 hour exercise & fitness presentation with question and answer
  • 1 hour workout demonstration with dumbbells, weights, and other fitness ideas

This seminar, given by Betsy, will offer basic knowledge on nutrition, proper form and technique with exercise and myths and truths with regard to health.  There is a $200 deposit required for this service (button below)

Email Betsy with your questions!

Betsy McNally Laouar is the real deal folks. If you are serious about making lifestyle changes be it fitness, nutrition, or both, look no further, she is the trainer for you.

From the moment I was “introduced” to Betsy two years ago I knew I wanted to hire her to train me. I could relate to her story and she could understand my struggles with what life is like living as an expat in France. Her credentials are outstanding and she offers something many fitness trainers do not, she has spent years extensively studying nutrition at the university level. Her suggested meal plans were easy to follow and the workouts inspired me to take my fitness to the next level while allowing me to work at my own pace.

Don’t be like me and wait two more years to hire Betsy; sign up and figure out how to make it work. My excuses were always it wasn’t the right time because “I have a baby and a toddler”, “I need to focus on learning French”, “My kids are on holidays for two weeks out of this session, better wait for the next one” the list went on and on. Finally, I became fed up of trying to do this alone and decided it was never going to “be the right time” and signed up on a whim. Guess what? I wasn’t eating enough, I wasn’t eating enough of the right stuff, and I certainly wasn’t pushing myself enough in my workouts. Now, I’m making better choices with what I eat and finding the time to fit working out into my schedule no matter what life throws at me (yes, even if this means getting up early in the AM).

Sarah C., France