Get back in shape with Betsy Challenge


Survive the Autumn holidays with the Betsy 6-week challenge!

Start date is July 21

Be trim and toned when you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving Turkey DInner. Let Betsy help you survive through the Halloween candy with her 6 week challenge.

Only $100
6 weeks: 5 training and 4 cardio days per week and meal plan with video clips of workouts

Start date is Oct 20
Sign up due date: October 17

I have been doing a training program online with Ifbb Pro Betsy McNally and she is awesome! I have known her since grade school and she has been a gymnast practically since birth (lol). But since then she became a certified sports nutritionist and a certified personal trainer. She is also a professional fitness competitor. Anyhow – I have been working with her for about 5 weeks and I have lost over 10 pounds and 2 jean sizes. (A blessing and a curse at over $130 a pair ) But I am loving her meal plans and her training schedules. She changes them every week so I don’t get bored or used to the program. You should check her out online Luv ya girl!
– Denise Hodge