Why Hire a Trainer

Hiring a trainer forces you to make a commitment to fitness, create accountability and instill healthy habits. The relationship is 50/50. If she does her job in the gym and pushes you, you WILL get results.

Group training ALSO allows you to make friends, support each other and push each other. A trainer forces you to show up and get the job done, especially when you are paying! Betsy will make a commitment to YOU. Plus, you get healthy, fit, lean and feel great about yourself.

Every once in a while you come across someone who makes difference. Betsy McNally is one such person in my life. I started working out with her few months before my wedding. As a bride to be, I desperately needed someone’s help to get shaped in physically, and Betsy did such a wonderful job to help me to achieve my fitness goal especially for my wedding as well as my perspectives on fitness and health. She was so supportive, motivated, knowledgeable and fun as a result she has truly helped me to look so good on my wedding as well as She has also changed the way in which I will exercise the rest of my life. I started to love my body as well as gained confidence through my experience with Betsy.

~ Jiyun Lee