Why Hire a Trainer

Hiring a trainer forces you to make a commitment to fitness, create accountability and instill healthy habits. The relationship is 50/50. If she does her job in the gym and pushes you, you WILL get results.

Group training ALSO allows you to make friends, support each other and push each other. A trainer forces you to show up and get the job done, especially when you are paying! Betsy will make a commitment to YOU. Plus, you get healthy, fit, lean and feel great about yourself.

For the past two years, I have spent hours upon hours doing cardio on top of cardio. It got to the point where I would be working out 3 times a day just trying to “burn more calories.” I realized that even though I would sweat, my body just wasn’t feeling challenged anymore. I could practically run 5 miles and do an hour of dance cardio in my sleep. I was an athlete in high school and I realized that I missed the feeling of being SORE and worn out from working hard. So I came to Besty, and I’m finally feeling challenged again! I had no idea how to lift weights, but now I have a bunch of weighted exercises that I can continue to build on. My cardio is no longer long and slow, but quick and intense (and hard!) Also, being a vegan, I have always been concerned about fueling my body correctly for training – and Betsy has given me so many new ideas and recipes! I like to think that Betsy has helped me make a change in my lifestyle for the better, and I plan to keep it up!¬†

-Shannon Justice