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Journey To Fitness Philosophy and Training

If you are looking for a clipboard trainer who counts out your reps, it’s not me!

Are you a working woman, student, athlete or stay-at-home mom who needs to make time to exercise in a fun, fast paced and challenging environment? If so, then group personal training with Betsy just might be for you. My typical client is a woman, who works hard at her job, family and home. However she has little time for herself. I want to help these women be the best they can be by offering a safe and fun environment to get in shape and learn new and healthy habits for life.

The focus of my program is to help women and girls build both physical and mental strength through one on one, partner and group training. Group training creates an atmosphere of teamwork, fun and motivation.  As a matter of fact, I’ve had my best client success with small group training. With group training my clients love  the results, have fun getting fit and make  new friends! If you have a small group of women  at school, work or church that would like to join my program then what are you waiting for?   If you are a single person wanting to get matched up with a group, we will do our best to create one or place you in a group that fits your needs.

Fitness is about FUN, and if you know me, I like to have a lot of it. My workouts are fast -paced, mixing cardio, weight training, flexibility and plyo-metrics. I love using all kinds of machines, weights, kettles and other equipment. You will never be bored as I change the programs weekly to keep your body moving forward and making progress!

How do YOU get started?

Contact me and fill out a questionnaire and waiver.  We will have a 30 minute phone conversation to  create a program that fits your needs.  After you choose your package, we will make an appointment and get started on your journey to fitness!

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I am not a real fan of working out, and I’ve realized the only way I consistently work out is when I have a personal trainer: someone to hold me accountable to work out on a regular basis, to hold me accountable during the workout, and to challenge me more than I would if I were working out on my own. Specifically, my lower back had really started bothering me quite a bit over the previous 6-12 months. I had been to the doctor and had been to physical therapy, but nothing seemed to be helping. My daughter just seemed amused that mom was getting older and starting to have back problems. For me, it wasn’t as amusing. I felt too young to be having these types of issues already. A few years ago, Betsy held a summer boot camp, which I attended one day a week for about 45 minutes. She asked those of us in the group what we wanted to work on or what we needed to work on. As expected, we all said something different; my comment was to work on reducing stress and pain I fel t in my lower back when I would bend over. Betsy said I had a weak core and incorporated core exercises into our total workout. It was a tough workout, but I felt really good at the end of each session. After the 2 or 3 month boot camp ended, my core was MUCH stronger. Each workout was a mixture of cardio and strength training for the whole body, so my overall fitness was much better as well. I play softball, so the overall strength and improved cardio only helped me in softball as well. To this day, several years later, my lower back no longer bothers me, and I have Betsy to thank for that. I continue to try to make sure I’m keeping my core strong so I won’t have back issues again. I have had good workouts from other trainers, but no one has been as great of a trainer as Betsy. I wish I still lived somewhere near her. If I did, she would definitely be my personal trainer for life! Miss you, Betsy!

Janet Nelson – Mason, OH