Client and Friend Cliff Pope nears 100 pound weight loss

I can count on my hand the number of times a client has made me cry tears of joy. In this case, it was not only a client, but one of my closest friends. If you have a few pounds to lose or even 100, you HAVE to read Cliff Pope’s story. He will motivate you and inspire you. I am proud to have helped him on his Journey with Fitness and even more proud to be his friend. You motivate ME, CLIFF!

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October 8, 2013
The Purple Quill
Mr. Pope’s amazing journey

I am, among other attributes, “body by Betsy”. The result of Betsy McNally Harris’ knowledge, skills and abilities focused on me! Betsy is a teacher by profession, a former gymnast and body builder in competition and owns a number of certifications in fitness training.

I trained w/ Betsy for over a year until she relocated. Betsy’s approach was total, individualized to my goals and what would be healthy for me. She attended to my body, mind and spirit. During that time, I added lean body mass; improved flexibility, core strength, balance, and my eating habits/diet; and would come away from training sessions, fueled by endorphins, and that delicious sense of well-being.

I give Betsy my highest recommendation as a trainer. Get your “body by Betsy”.

~ Judi S.