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Competition Day Survival Webinar

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Bootcamp Alert

BOOTCAMP ALERT!!!!! And this time not for the kids, but the COACHES of GYMNASTICS!  BAM!!!!!!!!!! THIS coaches, is something you can NOT miss out on! A COACH Preparation bootcamp with Mary Lee Tracy, Doc Ali Arnold and myself. It’s called BAM!!!!! And is coming to you this FALL!!! Mental Preparation, Coaching preparation and Nutritional Preparation for your athletes, […]

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Lindsey Jones

Betsy McNally Laouar Fitness Pro is amazing, not only as a trainer, but as a person. She knows how to help everyone and will set you on the path to achieving your goals! Once I quit gymnastics as a level 9, I knew right away she was the person to go to in order to […]

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Janet Nelson – Mason, OH

To this day, several years later, my lower back no longer bothers me, and I have Betsy to thank for that. I have had good workouts from other trainers, but no one has been as great of a trainer as Betsy. ~ Janet Nelson – Mason, OH

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Lifelong Fitness

She has changed the way in which I will exercise the rest of my life. I started to love my body as well as gained confidence through my experience with Betsy. ~ Jiyun Lee

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Wedding Goals

As a bride to be, I desperately needed someone’s help to get shaped in physically, and Betsy did such a wonderful job to help me to achieve my fitness goal especially for my wedding as well as my perspectives on fitness and health. ~ Jiyun Lee

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Proud Bikini

In the first 6 weeks I started noticing more definition; adding muscle and losing weight. By the following spring, I hadn’t really lost much more weight, but realized it was the first time I was proud of the way I looked in a bikini since high school. ~ Mandy Waldorf Graham

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Body by Betsy

I added lean body mass; improved flexibility, core strength, balance, and my eating habits/diet; and would come away from training sessions, fueled by endorphins, and that delicious sense of well-being. I give Betsy my highest recommendation as a trainer. Get your “body by Betsy”. ~ Judi S.

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Individualized Approach

I trained w/ Betsy for over a year until she relocated. Betsy’s approach was total, individualized to my goals and what would be healthy for me. She attended to my body, mind and spirit. ~ Judi S.

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Inspiration and Fun

Betsy has an exceptional amount of energy and is truly inspiring. She knows her stuff, especially how to work with women and our bodies. Betsy is knowledgeable and professional and the best part is she is so fun to spend an hour of my day with. ~ Kim Fernhard

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