Bootcamp Alert

BOOTCAMP ALERT!!!!! And this time not for the kids, but the COACHES of GYMNASTICS! 


THIS coaches, is something you can NOT miss out on!
A COACH Preparation bootcamp with Mary Lee Tracy, Doc Ali Arnold and myself.

It’s called BAM!!!!! And is coming to you this FALL!!!

Mental Preparation, Coaching preparation and Nutritional Preparation for your athletes, all ONLINE and LIVE on your computer!!! Please check out the details here! 


Our athletes are stronger, faster, and more agile thanks to Betsy’s training.  Being able to have her in person AND incorporate her monthly training program has been amazing for our team. I highly recommend using BOTH.


Her camp was high energy! Betsy sets the bar high and the athletes strive to reach it.


The nutrition lecture was beneficial for our athletes, coaches, and parents. We especially appreciated how she addressed common misconceptions about what foods are “healthy.”


I reached out to Betsy for my athletes, but Betsy’s boot camp was the wake up call I needed to get out of my rut and take care of myself so that I could continue to take care of my athletes. Betsy saved my life!

Jennifer Ryan

Becca’s Place Gym