Betsy’s Outdoor Summer July 4th Challenge

patriotic_internalGET OUTDOORS!

For the month of June…
Combine outdoor training, cardio, kettle bells, dumbbell work.

Sign up deadline is Friday June 5.
Start date is Monday June 8.
The challenge goes right up to the July 4 weekend so you can celebrate your gains!


Betsy’s ¬†background as a professional body builder, athlete, and coach combined with the fact that she is a woman who can relate to body image make her the perfect trainer. She will educate you on nutrition and offer a variety of amazing eating alternatives. Because of her I have discovered the love of oat based pancakes, almonds, and edamame! Betsy cheered me along when I had momentum and did not hesitate to kick my butt when I fell off the wagon. No excuses! I would never consider using another trainer. She just “gets it” and knows how to bring out the best YOU that you can be.

~ Kim Tagtmeyer Albrect