Betsy Women’s Warrior Weekend

Betsy Women’s Warrior Weekend
February 23/24th 
Total Body Construction
322 W Crescentville Rd, Cincinnati Ohio 45246
Saturday 11 am to  4 pm
Sunday 11 am to 4 pm
$209 per person….
Includes Training, Nutrition, a  Healthy French Inspired Clean Meal 
Nutrition Seminars, Food Tasting, Bootcamps
SPECIAL FOR FORMER CLIENTS: Bring a friend (not a client of mine)  and YOU both get $25 off The package deal is $368 for 2 people 

Warrior Women’s Weekend

Hi Betsy!

I just read your book today and I loved it! I loved how truthful it was. I was able to relate to many things you mentioned. Especially about how you felt like you were in a rut for a while. I appreciate all of the wisdom and time you have shared with me and given to make me a better gymnast. Just to update you, things are going really well. I am back to full training on 3 of 4 events and getting ready to compete this season starting on January 6th! Reading your book was super inspiring, especially during a time when sweets and high calorie foods are EVERYWHERE;) Thank you for all you have done for me.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Anna Glenn, Gymnast UCLA