Betsy Boot camp 2.0

Betsy Bootcamp 2.0

Learn about Balance.
Work Hard.
Pursue your dreams in a fun, healthy way with Betsy Bootcamp 2.0!
Betsy Bootcamp started as a response to her experience in gymnastics. She never felt strong enough, fit enough or good enough as a gymnast. Later in life she became a trainer, nutritionist and fitness competitor and now travels the world teaching young women, parents and coaches the importance of proper nutrition, fitness and balance in the sport.
The camp consists of:
Functional Circuit Training and Fitness Training
Nutrition Education and seminar for Athletes, Parents and coaches
Parent Bootcamp (optional)
Food and Snack Tastings
Self Esteem Workshop
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Betsy is amazing at working the girl’s weak areas and keeping them strong through injury, but what she has given Ash as her coach and now as her trainer that I feel is even more valuable is support and encouragement. I think any athlete has to train the body and the mind and I am very grateful to Betsy for her work with Ash in both of these areas! – Jennifer Willcut