Betsy Boot camp 2.0

Betsy Bootcamp 2.0

Learn about Balance.
Work Hard.
Pursue your dreams in a fun, healthy way with Betsy Bootcamp 2.0!
Betsy Bootcamp started as a response to her experience in gymnastics. She never felt strong enough, fit enough or good enough as a gymnast. Later in life she became a trainer, nutritionist and fitness competitor and now travels the world teaching young women, parents and coaches the importance of proper nutrition, fitness and balance in the sport.
The camp consists of:
Functional Circuit Training and Fitness Training
Nutrition Education and seminar for Athletes, Parents and coaches
Parent Bootcamp (optional)
Food and Snack Tastings
Self Esteem Workshop
To reserve your date book here!  Or Email Betsy directly for more information:

Just have to say….after an amazing weekend with you, the girls were pumped up. It was so awesome listening to the girls tell me stories about how they went shopping for clean foods, and all the different recipes they tried today. They are excited about nutrition and strength, and hopefully our continued relationship with you will only make their enthusiasm stronger. Thanks for everything! – Ricochets Gymnastics.