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While everyone is getting ready to go back to school, find a little time for yourself!

My 4 week training program is a great way to to stay on top of your workouts and meal planning with or without school!.

This special promo includes cardio, workouts, video clips and meal planning.

Sign up deadline is August 21.back_to_schedule_betsy
Start date is August 24.
Paper bag lunches not included!

For the past two years, I have spent hours upon hours doing cardio on top of cardio. It got to the point where I would be working out 3 times a day just trying to “burn more calories.” I realized that even though I would sweat, my body just wasn’t feeling challenged anymore. I could practically run 5 miles and do an hour of dance cardio in my sleep. I was an athlete in high school and I realized that I missed the feeling of being SORE and worn out from working hard. So I came to Besty, and I’m finally feeling challenged again! I had no idea how to lift weights, but now I have a bunch of weighted exercises that I can continue to build on. My cardio is no longer long and slow, but quick and intense (and hard!) Also, being a vegan, I have always been concerned about fueling my body correctly for training – and Betsy has given me so many new ideas and recipes! I like to think that Betsy has helped me make a change in my lifestyle for the better, and I plan to keep it up!¬†

-Shannon Justice