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Competition Day Survival Webinar

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Mary Hawley, Team Director 

Betsy      You have had a very motivational impact on our gym this summer at Lakettes Gymnastics Academy.  Not only did I check for healthy snacks and lunches and give prizes for not only having a great lunch/snack but actually eating it.  Now it is a constant of great healthy eating in our gym.  […]

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Jacobo Giron

“As GAA Team Director I am always looking g the way to improve our competitor teams. I had follow Betsy for some time in her Facebook and got so many new ideas for our condition program. This summer we had the privilege to have her visiting our gym and the nutrition advices hand by hand […]

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Mandie Stevens

Living in a small “southern” town, I was a little apprehensive on how our parents would respond to the importance of nutrition for their athletes. Betsy’s presentation was perfect. She is so down to earth and related to our parents and the struggles we all have. She showed the importance of proper nutrition in a […]

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Lori H Coach and Mom

Betsy is amazing.  My Daughter Megan started with the 9 week program with the clean eating then moved to the one year training program.  We have seen tremendous improvement in strength and speed.  Megan used to have some knee pain occasionally but since being on Betsy’s training program she has been injury free!  Betsy really […]

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Becca’s Place Gym

Our athletes are stronger, faster, and more agile thanks to Betsy’s training.  Being able to have her in person AND incorporate her monthly training program has been amazing for our team. I highly recommend using BOTH.   Her camp was high energy! Betsy sets the bar high and the athletes strive to reach it.   […]

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Bootcamp Alert

BOOTCAMP ALERT!!!!! And this time not for the kids, but the COACHES of GYMNASTICS!  BAM!!!!!!!!!! THIS coaches, is something you can NOT miss out on! A COACH Preparation bootcamp with Mary Lee Tracy, Doc Ali Arnold and myself. It’s called BAM!!!!! And is coming to you this FALL!!! Mental Preparation, Coaching preparation and Nutritional Preparation for your athletes, […]

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Kellie Wilson

Before I met Betsy, I thought that I would never find the motivation or time to eat healthy and exercise. Betsy, however, designs plans that work for me. She chose foods that I like, and I have discovered that I actually do like foods that are good for me. She gives me exercise plans that […]

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Betsy, you are an inspiration to your clients! Not only do you give us your knowledge, you are there with us every step of the way. When I started your online 6-week program back in October, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what I would gain from this since we were […]

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Susan S

So this is both awesome and awful. None of my pants fit anymore! Even my “fat pants” slide down. I’m still losing weight (albeit slower than in the beginning), so I don’t want to go buy a bunch of new clothes. Maybe a belt? Susan S  

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