About Betsy

A former gymnast, coach, teacher, as well as a professional bodybuilder, certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer, Betsy McNally-Laouar has been an educator in the fitness industry since 2001.

Through her experiences as a gymnast, coach and athlete she has developed a personal training business both virtually and in person. She focuses on helping gymnasts, coaches and gymnastics conditioning and nutrition programs across the country.

As a recovered binge eater, she understand the role of living a healthy balanced life, fueling for a sport that requires special attention.

As a mom to two boys, Ayden and Lenny, she understands the difficulties we face when preparing meals, fitting workouts in and understanding work/life balance. Lenny has autism and feeding /special needs, so she also understands how challenging it is to feed picky children.

Now through her Betsy Bootcamps for Gymnasts and Online Training programs, she is able to help gymnasts, like she once was, find a healthy approach to nutrition and fitness.

To work hard, but to have fun.

To help parents and coaches understand the role of nutrition while also having a compassionate heart and understanding of reality in the fitness and gymnastics world.

To develop positive body image while staying healthy.

If you are looking for a trainer that works just with gymnasts, ex athletes, and coaches/gymnastics programs you have come to the right place!

The experience she provides is whole, balanced and real. Whether through a personalized training or meal plan, a conditioning plan for your athletes, a live educational nutrition webinar or through a live Betsy Bootcamp, Betsy has you covered!

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Working with Coach Betsy and her Meal Plans for Gymnasts is impacting my two daughters and their progression in the sport faster and better than I anticipated.  Their gym coaches have said for years that they needed to eat more…they have crazy fast metabolisms and were not building the lean muscle they need to gain the strength necessary for high level skills. Learning about the specific nutritional needs for gymnasts and implementing her meal plans for our girls has helped us find a wider variety of foods they enjoy eating and understand the importance of eating 5 meals (not snacks) a day.  Their muscle development, improved focus and concentration in the gym, and their overall confidence as athletes really shows after just four months of following Betsy’s program.  We are thrilled that we found Coach Betsy! Even though the first few weeks were incredibly challenging in terms of changing our approach to food prep and cooking, the difference they have experienced since then is immeasurable!

Thank you so very much!

Lisa M., Mom to Kaity & Allie