4-Week Basic Training Challenge

Betsy's Basic TrainingBack to the Basics – the perfect package for anybody looking to (re)start a fitness program!

Sign Up By: Friday, April 31st
Start Date: Monday, May 3rd

New to working out?

Not sure how to exercise or where to start for weight loss?

Out of Shape?

Intimidated by gym equipment or the gym?

Need a very BASIC workout plan that you can do to jump start your fitness goals?

Betsy’s Basic Training 4-week plan is for You!

What you get: 4 weeks of meal planning, cardio and weight training workouts for slowly building a foundation for a fitter, better body!

Price: $50 for 4 weeks

You will need access to Facebook Chat and email to receive workouts, videos and meal plans.

I starting working out with Betsy in July ‘06. I had already slimmed down and built up endurance with lots of cardio, but couldn’t make any headway on improving my overall muscle tone and firmness. In the first 6 weeks I started noticing more definition; adding muscle and losing weight. By the following spring, I hadn’t really lost much more weight, but realized it was the first time I was proud of the way I looked in a bikini since high school (which was a very long time ago). I’m so excited now to hit the beach and not worry about keeping myself wrapped up in cover-ups the whole time.

~ Mandy Waldorf Graham